About me

The Social Norm
The Social Norm

I taught sociology for most of my working life.

Sociology is about observing universal, social phenomena – stuff we find everywhere.

The ‘social norm’ bit comes from my name and it’s polite to be sociable.

Every minute of the day when we meet people, we are negotiating social norms. In my blogs I might have a look at some of the social norms I come across when out and about eg I was in Copenhagen in February and it’s amazing how Danish folk – the happiest in the world according to much research and the absolute epitome of free thinking liberalism – will NOT cross a street on the red man even if it’s 2 am and Copenhagen is deserted.

July 2015: I’ve now done Copenhagen, San Sebastian and Bordeaux. ‘France’, Cornwall, Naples, Santorini and Nice to come. Happy travels everybody.

It has to be said that the bug for me to have a blog started when the Guardian published an article I submitted to their online Secret Teacher series. It’s the fist blog in the Archives on my site here – Feb 14th – I think.


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