Two things happened today

Lots of things happened today but two things stand out. When I say ‘lots of things’ happened today, I mean, of course lots of ‘things’ happened today on the international stage. Imagine how many ‘things’ happened today. Quite a sobering and awesome thought really. However, in the world of the social norm two things stand out:

One: Stuart  Heritage – Guardian journalist and amusing man –  is now following me on Twitter.  Long term he may be disappointed but we’ll see how it goes Stuart. 🙂  ( I am a bit chuffed actually)

Two: This is going to annoy all people who work 9 – 5, or who basically ‘work’. I’m ‘freelance’ now and am one of those annoying people who the financial press say have benefitted most from this Government’s fiscal policies. In other words, I’m ‘old’. In the laundrette I made the startling discovery that socks can hide on the little side shelves of the drier. I’ve always known this but today was the first time I had conclusive proof  in the form of a shy or cheeky sock hiding in there. What made this special though was the rather peaceful time I had to reflect on the discovery of the sock.  I do practise mindfulness (when I’m mindful enough to remember) but the verification of the lost sock theory became almost a moment of enlightenment and almost a thing of beauty. A moment of enlightenment or just the reality of retirement? Omm……

3 thoughts on “Two things happened today

  1. TEP. I think you are way ahead of the game in social media networking. You’re only the second person to comment on this site and the other one was me which either shows some narcissicism or IT incompetence. Anyone who knows me would say both.


  2. Fran. I’m delighted you’re following me. I did notice that earlier and thought ‘blimey, I’m on a roll
    So far, ‘Lilo’ is lying low which is probably not a bad thing; I have manure to dig in.


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